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Holistic Skin Consultations

Integrating our observe diagnostic machine for a deeper look into the skin!
Our all comprehensive initial consult Includes a complete professional skin analysis with clinical imaging, a take home copy of our skin prescription program, lifestyle recommendations in relation to inflammatory skin conditions, prescribed professional grade home care and a proposed treatment plan going forward for best results!

LED-Light Bathing Sessions

Our healing light therapy treats acne, wrinkles and inflammation in one. The Dermalux LED effectively destroys acne causing bacteria and prevents future breakouts, while the anti-ageing wavelengths are scientifically proven to stimulate collagen production reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving overall skin tone, assisting tissue repair and decreasing inflammation.

In The Flow Lymphatic Therapy

The healthier the cells, the healthier the skin! This holistic skin therapy works on supplying vital nutrients direct to the skin cells transported by the circulatory system whilst stimulating the detoxification of waste (dead cell material, toxin accumulation, bacteria and stagnant lymph fluid) via the lymphatic system. This antioxidant rich formula treats the skin cells from the inside out to organically correct all skin conditions making it a fantastic introductory and ongoing treatment for healthy glowing skin.

During the treatment of acne we recommend our clients have back to back lymphatic sessions closer together to assist in supporting the lymphatic system by flushing out the lymph fluid.

Healthy lymphatics = healthy skin!

*Includes a hand, arm massage during the curating time and pressure points after to manually assist in lymphatic drainage
*Includes steam, standard extractions and milia extractions as needed

Ocosmedics Skin Nutrition

Optimising cellular function and skin immunity!

Antioxidant Fruit Enzymes and Skin Peels complimented by a selection of specialised full face alga masks to aid in skin repair, replenishment and correction.
Featuring a potent mix of concentrated antioxidants, vitamins and peptides expertly selected to rebuild, strengthen and revise the skin.
*Entry level and advanced options available in your skin management program
*Includes facial steam and extractions as needed

Ocosmedics Pro DERMAL ACTIVE-age management

Advanced compression therapy for mature skins! This collagen boosting skin treatment works to support cellular oxygenation and the skins microbiome to correct and maintain core skin health.  Designed to block the chemical signals that trigger muscle contractions during facial expression, making this the perfect age management and age correction treatment to holistically target skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, to restore a beautiful plump, toned complexion.

stem cell recovery facial-Targeted skin healing

The perfect facial for skins in need of restoration! Combining renewing and repairing products with exclusive regenerating massage techniques. Regenerative stem cell active growth factors utilise the action of of plant stem cell extracts with that of growth factors to achieve skin restoration from inside the cell.

age element-bespoke anti ageing solutions

A completely personalised epigenetic treatment, targeting the main manifestations of skin ageing. Utilising a cocktail of active concentrates that intensively reenergise the skin to improve irregular skin tone, expression lines, loss of elasticity and definition, thinning skin and loss of facial volume. *Choose from lactic, glycolic, salicylic, mandelic, and modified jessner chemical peels.

Collagen Induction Therapy-Skin Needling

Advanced skin needling with specific meso therapy infusions for skin revision, regeneration and rejuvenation. Our top of the range needling device is like no other available on the market! With a quicker oscillation speed & more needles the treatment is now more efficient then ever, which means a faster result & less downtime!

*This service is not suitable as an initial treatment, the skin must be prepped on effective tyrosinase inhibitors 2-6 weeks prior with appropriate skin support following this advanced skin procedure.

*A course of treatment is recommended for best results with maintenance sessions performed yearly!
*Includes a LED session prior to treatment


*Redeemable on pigment blockers and supporting aftercare. *Patch test must be conducted 72hrs-14 days prior to treatment allowing us to identify the appropriate parameter selection to determine the safest and highest level of fluence, to achieve the best possible results.  


This treatment offers the advantage of improving skin tone and surface imperfections associated with ageing and sun damage. It’s effective in the treatment of pigmentation and superficial vascular lesions. 

1-3 treatments are generally sufficient to see results, significantly sun damaged skin may require more sessions.                        

*Contraindications to treatment include recent sun exposure or fake tan application (4 weeks prior to treatment), photosensitisation allergies, photosensitising medications and keloid scarring.


Dermaplaning with enzyme and alginate mask
*Not suitable for impaired skin or cystic acne!

Epidermal Levelling removes dead surface cells & fluffy facial hair, leaving your skin super soft & smooth.

Dermaplaning prior to SHR IPL

The Cosmelan Depigmentation PROCEDURE

The #1 pigmentation treatment worldwide removes 95% of epidermal pigment in just 2 weeks! This highly successful depigmentation program works on every form of pigmentation & is suitable for all skin tones.
*Includes the initial Cosmelan Peel, 7 supportive homecare products and a follow up stem cell recovery facial.

Add On Skin Boosters

The Mindfulness Signature Ritual Facial

Treats the skin and mind simultaneously with the knowledge that beauty comes from more than just a healthy skin but also a healthy mind.
The in-clinic Mindfulness Sessions were created to support healthy skin and empower a healthy mind. A skin treatment combined with a guided meditation session where our guests can forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a mindfulness journey that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire them to choose their energy and never forget ‘they are worth it’. 

We have created two whole body package experiences.
Designed intentionally with our clients mental, physical and spiritual well-being in mind to release and recharge!
Let go of what was and bring in the new with LoveBeauty Skin Clinic’s curated experiences. Available at discounted prices.

The Well

The ultimate wellness package

  • Your session will begin with a pre mixed shot of the beauty chefs adaptogen elexir to support the body from throughout.
  • “Sweat it out” in our top of the range infra red sauna working therapeutically from the inside out to detoxify, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin all within a 45min rejuvenation session.
  • Enjoy a 1 hr deep relaxation massage to assist in muscle relief, lymphatic flow and complete bliss.
  • Finish with our holistic lymphatic therapy facial treatment to aid in stagnant fluid & toxin removal via the lymphatics all while feeding the skin from within pure oxygen and nutrients on track from the blood straight to the cells! Say Hello To A New You!

Perfect for anyone wanting to reset and jumpstart their health journey!

The Nourish

The ultimate chill pill

  • Your session will begin with a pre mixed shot of the beauty chefs adaptogen elexir to support the body from throughout.
  • “Sweat it out” in our top of the range infra red sauna working therapeutically from the inside out to detoxify, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin all within a 45min rejuvenation session.
  • Enjoy a 1 hr deep relaxation massage to assist in muscle relief, lymphatic flow and complete bliss.
  • Drift away during our mindfulness signature  ritual facial combining all clinical aspects with relaxation techniques and a guided meditation during the bespoke treatment mask.
  • Suitable for anyone in dire need of self love & a pampering while still achieving that healthy glow, the positive affirmations take this facial treatment beyond.

A Facial experience like no other!

Infra Red Sauna

The Detox Box – Skin purification and cell health!
Today, wellness is no longer a luxury – it is being infused into every aspect of our daily life as we seek new solutions to support our wellness goals. An effective tool for natural healing to live healthier lives, infrared light has the ability to penetrate our bodies at a cellular level to produce a range of health benefits.
As a skin focused clinic we love and recommend infrared for skin purification, wound healing, improved circulation and cell health but the list of health benefits goes on including; detoxification, pain relief, anti ageing relaxation, lowered blood pressure, weight loss, cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, immunity and reduced inflammation.

Relaxation massage

Relax & unwind with our grounding aromatherapy and therapeutic remedial massage options & receive a complimentary back exfoliation treatment

IPL SHR Hair Removal

The latest in advanced hair removal. This medical grade technology allows a virtually pain free treatment with no downtime and fast results. Unlike traditional IPL, SHR treats most skin tones and hair colours.
Monthly treatments of six to ten sessions are recommended for best results

Purchase a package of six treatments upfront & receive 20% off or receive 10% off when treating two or more areas in one session.