About LoveBeauty

LoveBeauty is a boutique styled clinic that also specialises in traditional aesthetic treatments. As a small family run business we are able to provide a personal, one on one approach to assist our clients in achieving their desired outcome. Results are acquired through customised treatment plans and prescription skin care routines. Together we will focus on rebalancing the internal, external and environmental factors to rebuild and correct your skins health!


Our beautiful Clinic is peacefully inviting and radiates positive energy to everyone that visits. The LoveBeauty interior is decked out in a feminine Shabby Chic style and is filled with scents of salted caramel and sweet cinnamon. We hope you enjoy your visit to LoveBeauty Skin Clinic.


What sets us apart from others in the industry is our genuine concern for the clients over all experience and treatment results. We pride ourselves on being authentic and dedicate our time to provide each individual the appropriate knowledge to suit their specific concerns and needs. Through thorough research and education I have chosen to stock only the highest grade, cruelty free, Australian made and sourced product, which I have handpicked from many years of experience in the industry.

Rachel Diaz

CEO, Mom Boss &

Owner of LoveBeauty

Meet Rachel

My name is Rachel & I have created a personal space where you are able to feel at home while being treated with the latest effective skin therapies available!


I am 30 years young and have two beautiful children as well as a wonderfully supportive husband who is also my behind the scenes right hand man! Together we have created our lovely little skin clinic that is LoveBeauty.


I look forward to meeting you & treating your skin!


Rachel received both her National and International Diplomas of Beauty Therapy in 2008 & started working in her first salon Ella Bache before graduating second semester. After many years in the industry and working for a number of different beauty salons and skin clinics where she picked up her unique treatment style, Rachel decided to commence a Bachelor of Nursing Degree in which she invested a year and a half studying advanced physiology and anatomy before realising her true calling was in Skin Therapy!


Rachel returned to work in a well known skin clinic focusing on her goals to expand her knowledge in everything skin related. After attaining a level of profound experience and expecting another little one on the way, Rachel decided it was the right time to establish her very own skin studio. Where she continues to treat clients on a daily basis helping them achieve their skin dreams!