About LoveBeauty

We Know Skin

At LoveBeauty Skin clinic we educate our clients on the ins and outs of skin health, guiding them to achieve their desired end goals. The LoveBeauty tag line is healing over concealing and our clinic values are built on the foundations of long term sustainable results, steering away from unrealistic quick fixes & other dishonest gimmicks! We pride ourselves on being the real thing! Together we specialise in the holistic methods of treating the skin, as we have an awareness that common problematic skin conditions are more than just skin deep!

Our team of highly skilled skin health professionals – most having accomplished a double degree in both their dermal and beauty diplomas- have been trained to have a biological understanding that the whole health of each individual contributes to what we see on the surface and must be treated as so by integrating a topical and internal approach and understanding the relation to mental health, gut health, diet, stress and hormones.

Our services are about so much more than just a “facial”, the LoveBeauty treatment style combines clinical care with a relaxation component allowing our clients to ground and take an ever important moment for themselves before getting back to the real world. Our surroundings are both calming and comfortable and everyone is welcome into our kind community.

We help your skin to live its best life! Our clinic specialises in the treatment of acne (including rebound acne caused by medication – contraception, antibiotics, Roaccutane) inflammatory barrier disorders eg eczema, peri oral dermatitis, generalised dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea,  sun damage, hormonal pigmentation, post inflammatory pigmentation, inflammatory scarring, atrophic scarring, age management and achieving skin health by way of rebuilding a robust barrier and reinforcing the skins innate functions.

About Rachel

My name is Rachel & I have created a personal space where you are able to feel at home while being treated with the latest effective skin therapies available!

I am 32 years young and have two beautiful children as well as a wonderfully supportive husband who is also my behind the scenes right hand man! Together we have created our lovely little skin clinic that is LoveBeauty.

I look forward to meeting you and thank you for supporting my dream.

Rachel received both her National and International Diplomas of Beauty Therapy in 2008 & started working in her first salon Ella Bache before graduating second semester. After many years in the industry and working for a number of different beauty salons and skin clinics where she picked up her unique treatment style, Rachel decided to commence a Bachelor of Nursing Degree in which she invested a year and a half studying advanced physiology and anatomy before realising her true calling was in Skin Therapy!

Rachel returned to work in a well known skin clinic focusing on her goals to expand her knowledge in all aspects of the skin. After attaining a level of profound experience and expecting another little one on the way, Rachel decided it was the right time to establish her very own skin studio. Where she continues to work alongside her amazing team helping clients to achieve their skin dreams.


Rachel Diaz



Learn to eat for skin health! 

Eliza is our in house – clinical Holistic Skin Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition & Health Promotion.

Eliza has been working in private practice over the last 3 years and is currently studying to compliment her skills with a Bachelor of Naturopathy at Endeavour College.

Following a “food first” approach Eliza is super passionate about utilising food as medicine and is an expert in gut, skin, hormones and adrenal health.

Contact the team at LoveBeauty to organise an initial nutrition consultation to combine your in clinic treatments with a tailored cellular nutrition program!